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Board of Directors

Regina Yeh

Dr. Regina Yeh, Artistic Director, Founder
D.M.A. Manhattan School of Music

Chair of Piano Studies, Pacific Lutheran University

Vice President, Seattle Music Teachers' Association

Piano Faculty, University of Washington School of Music

Mari Corpuz, Director of Outreach and Finance

M.M., University of Washington School of Music

Jeongwon Yuni Hyun, Director of Research

Ph.D. Candidate, Chinese History, University of Washington

Jessica Choe, Director of Education

D.M.A. candidate, Peabody Conservatory of Music

M.M., The Juillliard School

CAEW Members:



Erin Chung, Piano Faculty, Pacific Lutheran University, DMA - University of

Washington School of Music

Jean Huang, CAEW/NAAAP 2008 Scholarship Winner

M.M., Manhattan School of Music



Advisory Board


John Kim, Excutive Director, Northwest Hospital Foundation

Andy Yip, Former President, National Association of Asian American Professionals, Seattle (current Board Member at Large)

Hang-Ping Chen, BAAPA President; Board Member, NAAAP Professional Development Chair

Tina Wang, Financial Advisor, MassMutual Financial Group; TAPS President, Board Member, CISC

Sarah Lin Bhatia, Arts Educator, Former Outreach Coordinator, Jackson School of International Studies, UW

Mission Statement

Collaborative Artists EastWest (CAEW) aims to connect communities through the universal language of music and other arts, transcending everyday boundaries and enabling us to connect deeply by recognizing our common ground and recognizing our differences.



CAEW is a project born out of the originating ideas behind the University of Washington School of Music in-house concert series, East West Piano Arts, a series based on the of piano in every concert presented and highlighting Asian and Asian American Musicians.

The parameters of CAEW include all types of musicians, and aims for a future of presenting artists from a diversity of disciplines, including visual and literary arts.



CAEW programs events and concerts including music and artists on themes from Pan-Asian and Western Classical musical cultures, music that represents harmony and diversity, fusion, and individual colors.

CAEW programming inspires the spirit in all and builds communities and good will by sharing the beauty in the music, musicians and artists at concerts, competitions for youths, receptions, special events, and youth workshops.

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